Rete d'Italia Communication Services

Rete d'Italia Communication Services

Servizi digitali e Visibilità per le Aziende

Rete d'Italia has proposed and implemented this site in collaboration with the non-profit Association of the "Borgo di Farfa".

Our aim and desire is to improve the visibility and the recognition of Farfa and of the companies that operate within, especially in Rome – and in the entire web – and for all those who may not yet be familiar with thejewels that constitute Farfa and the Sabine area.

For this reason we have herein dedicated a space with information, a gallery of images, and a virtual tour for each company of the Association which wishes to participate;we have also proposed that each one join our handbook, conceived to carry out our idea of "Ethical Communication".

This idea has furthermore been shared with Konsumer Italia, a young and independent association of consumers.
We therefore present a series of proposals and information useful for the web surfer to become better acquainted with Farfa and it's territory, the beautiful Sabina.

Happy exploring!

Our proposals:

  • Digital services for companies;
  • Websites;
  • Virtual tours;
  • Positioning;
  • Advertising Graphics;
  • Training;
  • Digital Security.

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RETE D'ITALIA | Servizi digitali per le Aziende

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