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og:title - Borgo di Farfa - Eugeonia
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og:url - https://borgodifarfa.it/en/village/activities/342-eugeonia
og:site_name - Borgo di Farfa
og:description - Sustainable agricultural enterprise EUGEONIA
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Sustainable agricultural enterprise EUGEONIA

We of Eugeonia consider our product up to the standards of a cultural product. An elaboration. A result. A process of learning and integration.  And transformation of knowledge.  And of materials.

For this reason we feel a bit artistic. Also. Cloud catchers, who stubbornly reiterate their way of seeing and understanding the world.  The reality. The dream. Obstinately.

In this way, every element of our material product becomes a precious word in the preparation of a "speech".  In a human "relationship", the beginning and the end of the creation of a "nutrient"; essential element. Precious.  Golden.

The idea of inserting the oil produced by the EUGEONIA Coop, obtained from millenary olive trees, which surround the secular Benedictine Abbey of Farfa, is the fruit of an "ETHICAL PROJECT".

Each buyer, becomes an active subject, witness and concrete participant.

Consumer and producer.

 Farm Eugeonia

Please call at the Farm Eugeonia