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og:title - Borgo di Farfa - Mei Agricultural Organization
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og:url - https://borgodifarfa.it/en/village/activities/138-mei-agricultural-organization
og:site_name - Borgo di Farfa
og:description - Agricultural Organization, Farm and extra virgin olive oil of the Sabina MEI
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Mei Agricultural Organization

The Mei Agricultural Organization is located in Farfa, just outside the "PortaMontopoli".

Cell: +39 3382913001
Website: http://www.oliomei.it
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Olio Mei at 360°:

Our company is located near the historic Abbey of Farfa, in the heart of the Sabine Hills, a land suited for thousands of years to the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil, rich in historical, artistic and architectural landscape beauties, which with their eternal charm give rise to myths and legends.

Our production:

  • Quality extra virgin olive oil, respecting family tradition;
  • Wildflower honey, thanks to the bees that pollinate our natural fruit;
  • Jam produced with our natural fruit.

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