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Scipioni the textile workshop is present in Farfa for about 70 years.

Farfa Sabina, a renowned medieval town, became an important cultural and social center thanks to the Benedictine Abbey founded in the 5th century and to which the small city owes most of it’s fame.

It is in this important architectural setting that the Scipioni family has, for more than 70 years, carried out the particular activity of handcrafted weaving.
The textile workshop began its activity in May 1938 with the artisan Teodolinda Palmieri producing clothing,wool blankets and linens for the house.

In the beginning, the work dealt with the selection of the flocks from the shepherds, of linen and hemp from the farmers. These materials were then woven with a handloomable to produce a fabric with a maximum width of 100 cm.

Two other handlooms with 'flying shuttles' were built successively to obtain a fabric with widths of 150 cm. and 180 cm.  With these it was possible to create one-piece tableclothsand blankets.

Since the demand for handmade products increased, a“jacquard”was applied to the handlooms to create more variegated and precise pieces of cloth in larger quantities.

Today the son of Teodolinda, Gustavo Scipioni, continues the activity maintaining the characteristics of the handmade production of wool carpets, linen curtains, wool plaids and clothing.

For cotton and line articles the workshop uses a series of shuttle power looms with “jacquards”, that date from the Fifties. With these power looms it is possible to obtain exceptional products respecting the most antique weaving techniques. Typical of this kind of work are linen curtains, linen and cotton tableclothswith a handmade lace borderor with hemstitch, andlinen towels with or without fringe.

Each article can be made to order or designed by the client himself.

We are at Farfa in Via Di Porta Montopoli, 13
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